Sunday, January 22, 2012

DM's Journal: Witches, Trolls, and Goblins

Brief session writeup for January 22, 2012.
Players present: Ben and Sam.
Characters present:  Ambiorix the fighter, Filibert Fairbarn the halfling, Indis the elf.
Hirelings: Amalric the fighter, Wine the thief.

The party continues its quest of trying to get Swamp Witch, Myrinne, to lift her curse on the Wilderland Inn.  In the last session, they found her house and discovered that she has been taking young women from the nearby cities to use as slaves.  The slaves are controlled by the Ichor of Thrael.

13 April 56

  • The PCs break into the swamp-witch's house; a battle ensues.  
  • The witch is finally captured and calls off her slaves.  
  • She is forced to brew a potion that slows the Pestilence growing in Filibert's body so that he can find a cure at one of the Hardinsford temples.

14 April 56

  • The party recovers at the witch's house.  
  • The slaves awaken from their drug-induced hypnosis, are fed, and sleep. 
  •  Filibert takes the witch's slowing serum and rides back to the Wilderland Inn.

15 April 56

  • Filibert encounters Amalric on the road and tells the warrior to accompany him to Hardinsford.
  • The company leaves for the Inn with 56 slaves and the captured witch in tow.

16 April 56

  • Filibert and Amalric arrive at the Inn, buy fresh horses, and depart immediately for Hardinsford.

17 April 56

  • The company arrives at the Inn.  
  • The witch lifts the curse and is kept prisoner.  

18 April 56

  • Filibert reaches Hardinsford and is healed overnight at the Shrine of Moranya.
  • Runners are sent from the Wilderland Inn to Hardinsford and Westwatch to look for the slaves' families.

19 April 56

  • Filibert recovers in Hardinsford. 
  • The company stays at the Wilderland.

20 April 56

  • Filibert and Amalric depart for the Wilderland Inn.

21 April 56

  • Travel to the Inn.

22-23 April 56

  • Filibert and Amalric reunite with the party; all stay at the Inn.

24 April 56

  • The company departs for Hardinsford with the witch and Dorin, the Wilderland Inn's security chief, in tow.  They also bring the strange metal chest recovered from the witch's house, knowing that its owner, a dealer in antiques and artifacts named Rechter, lives in the city.

25 April 56

  • At dusk, the party comes across a troll who has just killed and is now raiding two wagons of settlers bound for Hardinsford.  The troll is killed and its body burned.  Filibert suffers severe wounds in the battle, but the rest of the party escapes mostly unscathed.

26 April 56

  • The company arrives in Hardinsford.  
  • The witch is turned over to authorities.  
  • The company stays at the Knife & Needle Inn, where Filibert engages in and becomes quite drunk and unruly during a game of "Truth or Challenge."  

27 April 56

  • 4am - Goblins try to break into the characters' rooms but are scared off by Ambiorix.
  • That evening, Ambiorix and Indis meet with Rechtor and return the chest.  He offers them additional money to track down the brazier that was supposed to be inside the chest.  He also offers to finance a future expedition to the newly-discovered ruins near Frostwyk if the PCs are interested.
  • Upon leaving Rechtor's mansion, Filibert spots a goblin spying on them.  The creature quickly darts down an alley and "Fil" runs after it in his usual foolhardy fashion.

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