Note: This timeline was a very early draft. Names of cities/regions and other details have been changed as the Isle has evolved.  


Age of Myth
  • Pereun, the Kingfather, carves the Great Mountain Aud and plants the fragment in the Sea, where it becomes the Isle of Evenoria.
  • Moranya awakens the wild beasts and, soon after, the elves.
  • Jealous of the elves and their new paradise, Scáth gives birth to the lyndwyrm, who issue forth and begin to slaughter the peaceful elves.
  • To protect the elves, Moranya and Khloanya make their only direct appearance among them, teaching the survivors the secrets of the bow, sword, and magic.  Meanwhile, Pereun imself descends into the sea to hunt for Scáth.
  • The lyndwyrm are pushed back but their chieftain, Daegon, is nearly unstoppable.  With the guidance of the sister-goddesses, the elves craft the blade Fehlaforath (demon-slayer), which is taken up by the warrior Rehkir.  Rehkir and Daegon face off in battle.  The monster is slain, but Rehkir is mortally wounded in the fight.
  • At the moment that Rehkir and Daegon are battling, Pereun discovers Typhus in a hidden sea cave.  After destroying wave after wave of the creature's hideous monster-children, Pereun  comes face-to-face with it.  They battle for days on end, as mountains and forests give way before them.  In the end, Pereun deals a nearly-lethal blow to Typhus and casts it down from the highest peak on Evenoria, creating the area known as The Scars.  Before Pereun can deliver the killing blow, however, Typhus slips off into the sea and is never seen again.
  • As the elves heal the forests and plains, Pereun creates the dwarves to guard the mountains and hidden places of the world.  To them, he teaches the art of mining and metalsmithing and gifts them with the gems and jewels of the earth.  The first dwarves, under the legendary king Forngrimm, begin to carve out the mountain dominion of Arkencairn.

First Age (years as counted by the elves)
  • 1 - The elf city of Lynd is founded by Fostril, son of Rehkir.  
  • 500 - Lynd continues to prosper under Fostril.   The cities of Palanus and Meliann are founded. 
  • 540 - A band of lyndwyrm are spotted in the forest west of Palanus.  They are hunted by the elves but few are killed, the majority disappearing into the mountains and caves of The Scars.
  • 541 - Under cover of night, thousands of lyndwyrm issue forth from the Scars, cross the water, and attack Palanus, nearly destroying it.  A dispatch is sent to Lynd.  Shortly thereafter, Fostril arrives with a contingent of warriors and, with the aid of Fehlaforath, drives back the lyndwyrm.  After the battle, Fostril is killed when his neck is pierced by the arrow of a lone assassin.  His sword and title pass to his son, Gleddil.
  • 542 - The elves establish Quelann as a watch-post on the sea and The Scars.  The Goblynwood is made forbidden to all elves.
  • 608 - Kelora is founded.  In the following years, the elves begin making sailing ships and exploring the coasts and islands around Evenoria.
  • 625 - Olessus, a second seafarers' city, is founded.
  • 640 - Nisell is founded.
  • 1004 - Hearing rumors of another massing of lyndwyrm, King Gleddil rides west into the Goblynwood with 500 warriors.  None return or are heard from again.  The sword Fahlaforath is lost with the king.
  • 1005 - The crown of Idyllan passes to Tunglin, son of Gleddil.

Second Age
  • 1 - A great storm engulfs the Isle for thirteen days and nights.  When the skies finally clear, elven sailors find the wreckage of a great fleet of ships along the coast northeast of Kelora.  The survivors are human men, women, and children--slaves once destined for an unknown empire called Vithara.  In the storm, they overthrew their captors and crashed upon the Isle.  The humans--whom no elf had ever seen--are kept under watch in Kelora.  Eventually, King Tunglin arrives and meets with Brimmann, appointed leader of the slaves.
  • 6 - After living among the elves for five years, the humans decide to make a new home for themselves.  Tunglin grants them the lands east of Kelora.
  • 10 - The fortress-city of Westmarch is founded, beginning the age of human settlement and laying the first bricks for the Eastern Alliance.
  • 10 - 800 - An age of growth and relative peace ensues as the cities of the Eastern Alliance are built.  Trade between men, elves, and dwarves flourishes.  
  • 802 - Beginning of Campaign II.
  • 803 - An ancient frost dragon, Gehlumorsus, emerges from the mountain caves of the north and lays waste to the new colony of Ravensport.  Several groups of soldiers and adventurers attempt to find and destroy the beast, but none are ever seen again.
  • 806 - After years of searching, the warrior and woodsman Althan Baiden tracks the dragon to its lair near Rothslake.  In a battle that takes the lives of 60 men, the beast is eventually slain.  Its treasure hoard contains coins and valuables from far-away lands and, apparently, from an ancient civilization that once lived in the northeast of Evenoria.
  • 808 - Baiden takes his share of the dragon's horde and founds Baidensrook to the west of Alliance territory.
  • 1013 - Karikos Zhann, a prominent and very wealthy merchant, moves his family and much of his holdings to the frontier town of Hardinsford in a bid for greater freedom from the laws of the Alliance.
  • 1026 - Disturbed at the encroachment of human settlements and fearing an eventual invasion, a splinter group of elves calling themselves the Feldrar attacks Middenwold and Hardinsford.  Zhann, who by this time has established himself as the de facto ruler of the region, employs his personal mercenaries and hundreds of conscripts to march on the elven capital of Lynd.  Warned of the humans' approach by their scouts, an elven army meets the Zhann's forces at the edge Idyllann and makes it clear that the men are vastly outnumbered and outclassed.  Furthermore, the elves argue, the actions of the Feldrar were not officially condoned. 
  • 1027 - After long negotiations, a treaty is made.  In it, Zhann is recognized by the elves as the ruler of the western reaches of the human lands.  In exchange for a halt in southern and westward expansion, the elves of Lynd agree to assist Zhann in seceding from the Eastern Alliance.

Third Age
  • 1 - The Kingdom of Zhann is officially established when Zhann declares his rulership and secession in the Great Hall of Emerald.  This action sparks a riot, resulting in a running battle between Zhannish and Alliance forces all the way from Emerald to Westwatch.  Just as it appears that Zhann's forces will be captured at Westwatch, a force of elven warriors assaults the fortress city from the opposite side, providing cover and distraction that allows Zhann's forces to pass by.
  • 2-5 - The Secession War is fought between the people of the west--who largely support Zhann because of his protection of them in the past--and the armies of the Eastern Alliance.  Although outnumbered, Zhann's forces--bolstered by the elves of Lynd--manage to inflict enough casualties on the Alliance that they eventually agree to withdraw.  An uneasy truce--with deep wounds on both sides--ensues.
  • 56 - Beginning of CAMPAIGN #1.  
    • Hostilities between the Eastern Alliance and Kingdom of Zhann have largely ceased, though there is still remembered prejudice on both sides.  Trade resumed between both nations decades ago.
    • Satisfied that the humans have ceased encroaching on their lands, the elves have withdrawn and turned their attentions to the west, where the Lyndwyrm still present a threat.