(portrayed by Lee Pace)
chaotic good elf male (4), age 126
A young warrior from the wild elf village of Dyffryn Cyth, Anaire is unusually outgoing for his people and curious about the world outside of his home forest.  He is an expert archer and swordsman who has seen his fair share of combat despite his young age. Anaire detests the cruel and gruesome redcap goblins and hunts them without mercy.

(portrayed by Danielle Darrieux)
neutral good wild elf healer, age 1000+
The ruler of Dyffryn Cyth, Meddygh is an ancient seeress and shaman. Estimated to be over a thousand years old, she possesses amazing healing and prophetic gifts as well as an unparalleled knowledge of herbalism.

(portrayed by Adrien Brody)
neutral evil wererat male, age unknown
Vicious, cowardly, and cunning best describe Regnaff. He and his pack of redcap goblins raided Vatnheim at the beginning of episode 1, kidnapping Ulf Ivarsson and stealing his magical sword, Wyrmsbane. At the end of the episode, Regnaff was captured and taken back to Vatnheim where he currently sits in jail.

Tola Ulfdottir
(portrayed by Amanda Peet)
lawful good human female (0), age 38
Daughter of village councilman Ulf Ivarsson of Vatnheim. Recently appointed to the village council herself after the events of Episode 1. Tola is smart, self-assured, and well-spoken. She has yet to marry and considers caring for her father to be her primary duty at this stage in her life.
Appearances: Season 1: ep1, ep2 

Ulf Ivarsson
(portrayed by John Hurt)
lawful good human male fighter (5), age 75
Once a powerful warrior, Ulf helped to found the town of Vatnheim some 50 years ago. His adventuring days are long passed, however. Now he helps to govern the town he helped found as one of its three village councilmen. He also oversees the operation of his small farm on the village's northern outskirts.


Nasturtia Birdwhistle, owner of the Wilderland Inn
Lawful Female Halfling level 1
TAGS: Circumspect. Low tolerance for "tomfoolery." Slight brogue. Shrewd businesswoman.  Widely known and respected.
ALLIES:  Dorrin Nolty (dwarf assistant and Wilderland Inn business manager)

Amalric, sellsword
Lawful Male Fighter
TAGS: Money-motivated but fair.  Level-headed in crises and good with children and the injured.
ALLIES:  "Wine" the cutpurse.  Ambiorix, Filibert Fairbarn, & Indis.

Wine, cutpurse-for-hire
Chaotic Male Thief
TAGS: Sneaky bastard but fun at parties. Talks in low, hoarse voice. Devoted fan of his namesake beverage. Can't decide if he's more interested in women, wine, or song.  Plays the lute (badly).
ALLIES: Amalric (business partner).  Pretty much no one else.

Maeglynn Icewine
Neutral Female Fighter (1)
TAGS:  Soft-spoken and a little shy.  Looks up to her older half-brother, Ambiorix, and wants the same life of travel and adventure but feels duty-bound to her father and his land.
ALLIES: Ambiorix; royal families of Frostwyk.

Lord Rethel "The Boar" Icewine
Lawful Male Fighter (6)
TAGS: Gruff but honest and forthright.  Keeps a close eye on his money and land. Distrusts politicians and diplomats, preferring a strong sword.  Imminently practical.
ALLIES: Ambiorix (bastard son); royal families of Frostwyk.

Malak Eth of Ravensport
Wealthy human merchant
TAGS: gregarious, ostentatious, direct. Loves to drink exotic wines and trade stories. Owns and operates Griffin & Thorn, an exclusive art and antiques dealership in Ravensport. Keeps a pair of well-dressed, naturalistically-painted stone golems (?) as guards and servants.

Lawful female cleric (4)
TAGS: proud, pious, and a blunt. Very literal and pragmatic.
Betrothed of Ambiorix.  Retired from adventuring and currently preparing a home for her husband and future family in Frostwyk.  Frail of health after being nearly drained of life by wights in the Frozen City.

Aisopos the Acolyte
Lawful cleric (1)
TAGS: eager, naive, tries hard to please but often comes up short
The only healer available when the party left Frostwyk to reclaim the dwarven silver mine, Aisopos is only 17 years old and has been jokingly referred to as the party's "intern". He tries hard and means well but lacks the experience of the other hardened adventurers. When not calling on him to heal their wounds, they most tell him to stay out of the way and try to avoid getting killed.
UPDATE: Likely killed by "black slime spiders" in the abandoned dwarf silver mine. 
His body was never recovered.