Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Challenge Rating THIS: A Note to My Players

Can you guarantee I will come back?

No.  And if you do, you will not be the same.

Dear Players, Current and Future:

Adventuring is dangerous business, obviously (cough*pestilencezombies*cough). And Evenoria, while it LOOKS on the surface like the balanced, challenge-rating-adjusted world you're used to, is NOT that place.  That's not to say that the DM is gonna sic Tiamat on you at third level.  He's not that crazy.  But if an NPC happens to tell you where Tiamat lives, and you go there and knock in her/his/its door... well, good luck to you.  And that army of goblins passing through the wilderness all too close to you?  That's probably not an adventure hook--most likely, it's just an army of goblins passing through the wilderness on their way somewhere.  They don't want you to come and "play" with them.  They wanna get where they're going.  But, hey, if you wanna jump in the middle of their ranks... well, good luck to you.

The DM isn't out to kill you... but the big, bad world probably is.  Life's hard that way.


Be nice or you may be eaten by a grue.