(Year 802 of the Second Age; 300 years before Campaign I)
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  • Angrenskeep - One of the two major dwarven realms, known for its massive granite walls and towers that seem to erupt from the mountainsides like great stone fingers.  Source of much of the metal ore used on the Isle.  Ruled by Thane Degen, son of King Konung of Arkencairn.
  • Arkencairn - The larger of the two major dwarven realms, completely contained within the mountains of the north.  Ruled by King Konung, a 200 year-old veteran and master gem cutter.  Source of most of the gems and jewels in the realm.  Heavily fortified and guarded.
  • Baidensrook - A medium-sized human town in the Eastern Alliance of free city-states.  Founded by Althan Baiden, a noted warrior and adventurer.
  • Brigands' Isle - A dangerous and ramshackle collection of buildings and semi-permanently moored ships where all manner of illegal and illicit activities occur.  A "no man's land" serving as a home to pirates, thieves, and worse.  The bane of the navies of both Idyllann and the Eastern Alliance.
  • Calabash - a frontier village marking the western edge of the Kingdom of Zhann.  Known for its rough-and-ready horsemen and their unparalleled steeds.
  • Daneth - a fishing village in the northeast of the Eastern Alliance, a protectorate of Ravensport.  Known for Ouskae (oo-skay), a potent spirit tasting of peat smoke, seawater, and ocean air.
  • Eastern Alliance - A confederation of independent city-states on the eastern edge of the Isle.  Ruled by the Alliance Council, which is housed in Emerald.  Member cities include Emerald, Ravensport, Daneth, Baidensrook, and Westwatch.
  • Emerald - Largest city in the Eastern Alliance and its capital.  Known for its many twisting streets and the gem market found in the central bazaar.  Ruled by a council of guild-heads.
  • Evenoria - The rugged, forested Isle containing the realms of men, elves, and dwarves.  Evenoria lies in the northern reaches of its world, with a cool but temperate client similar to that of Western Europe in our own world.
  • Frostwyk - Northernmost of the human cities, Frostwyk rests upon the shores of Rothslake, an ancient glacier lake.  It is rumored that there is a ruined city buried at the bottom of the enormous lake, though none know who could have built it or when.
  • Hardinsford - Capitol of the Kingdom of Zhann, Hardinsford is the location of Zhanngate, the Royal Palace.  Though the Zhanns were once a powerful and respected ruling family, madness has crept into their line in recent generations and the kingdom has begun to slowly crumble.
  • Idyllann - A vast forest and the realm of the elves.  It is said that the very trees of this forest are alive and conscious and that few who enter without the elves' permission ever come back out.
  • Kelora - Greatest of the elven seaports, Kelora is home to Idyllann's navy.  It is a stunningly beautiful city, built of sparking white stone and needle-like towers stretching to the sky.  Kelora is also the only elven city which men and dwarves are allowed to visit freely (though most are watched carefully even then).
  • Kelos (Sea of) - Also called the Southern Sea, Kelos tends to be warmer and calmer than its northern counterpart, Tethys.
  • Larkspur - A medium-sized human town and part of the Kingdom of Zhann.  Larkspur is known for its proficient hunters, well-made bows, and quiet, isolated location.
  • Lynd - The elven capital, seat of the Realm of Idyllann.  Few men or dwarves have ever been allowed in this well-guarded city.  Built on the shores of a vast lake, it seamlessly integrates the landscape into its architecture.  The city is guarded on three sides by a high stone wall while its easternmost side is open to the water.  Within the city, massive trees have been cultivated to grow into long avenues.  Their branches form tunnels overhead and buildings of wood and stone intertwine with their trunks.  At the center of the city is a massive palace of sprawling, organic form from which the royal family rules.
  • Meliann - Eastern city of the elven kingdom of Idyllann built among the trees and limestone caves surrounding a lake fed by hot springs.  The main features of this city are twin temples to the Sister-Goddesses and the deep cavern between them wherein resides the Oracle of Meliann.
  • Middenwold - Easternmost city of the human Kingdom of Zhann.  A walled fortress provisioned against invasion from the Eastern Alliance.  Known for its fast lake-boats and stern soldiers.
  • Nisell - Southernmost of the elven cities, Nisell is perched on a landbridge between two massive lakes.  It is a picturesque city of brown stone buildings and airy, tree-lined streets approached on either side by wide stone bridges.  Most elves--and the few mortals who have visited it--think of the city as a kind of paradise on earth.
  • Olessus - Elven seaport on the shores of the Sea of Kelos.  Built of white stone and arranged in concentric, ever-rising circles.  Few non-elven ships are allowed to dock there except in the most dire emergencies.
  • Palanus - A great elven fortress-city which guards the Serpentwood.  Built between two mountains, with massive walls connecting them across the floor of the valley.   
  • Plains of Drannon - Vast stretches of grassland in the north of Evenoria.  Home to herds of wild horses.
  • Quelann - Isolated elven sea fortress in the far southwest of Idyllann.  Built to watch the Serpentwood and nearby waters.  Lonely and quiet; home to elven soldiers and few others.
  • Ravensport - Also known as the Gray Labyrinth.  A sprawling human port noted for the large flocks of ravens who nest there (some of whom are rumored to be intelligent).  Built upon several hills, Ravensport is a twisting maze of cobblestone streets and teetering towers caught in perpetual fog.  The Duke of Ravensport and his watchmen, The Ravensguard, are notoriously corrupt.  Almost anything can be bought for the right price in this misty metropolis.  
  • Rothslake - The largest freshwater lake in Evenoria.  Some say there is an ancient sunken city in its dark, nearly-frozen depths.
  • Scars, The - Badlands of sheer rock and biting, icy winds.  Supposedly created in the battle between the Kingfather, Pereun, and the monster Typhus.
  • Serpentwood, The - A wild and dangerous forest in the far west of the Isle.  Home to the majority of Lyndwyrm... and probably worse.  Whole elven regiments have vanished beneath its sun-blocking canopy.
  • Tethys, Sea of -  The violent, icy sea north and west of the Isle.  Few vessels can survive its tumult.
  • Westwatch - Boundary fortress of the Eastern Alliance.  A great keep encompassing thousands of soldiers as well as a medium-sized city of civilians.  The central point of overland trade between the Eastern Alliance and the Kingdom of Zhann.
  • Zhann (Kingdom of) - Human kingdom formed some 500 years ago when its royal family, lead by Karikos Zhann, split from the Eastern Alliance.  Once closely aligned with the Alliance, the Kingdom has become estranged and occasionally combative over trade and passage disputes... sometimes for legitimate reasons, and sometimes due to the madness which seems to have infected generations of the ruling family.