Deities & Demigods

The Gods of Evenoria are many.  They pull the hidden strings binding peasant and hero, king and beggar.  Some say the gods are benevolent, while others believe them to be little more than slavekeepers.

The Black Horseman
Area of Control: death
Alignment: neutral
Personification: A silent figure in a long, black cloak astride an emaciated horse.  Armed with a sword of ice.
Symbol(s):  Black horse.
Worshipped By:  None, but feared by all.
Holy Days:  None, but said to be most powerful after midnight and before dawn.
Notes:  Like his brother, the Red Horseman, the Black Horseman is a harbinger and messenger more than a deity (though he is still immortal and primal in nature).  He rides swiftly and completely silent across the land, collecting the souls of those whose time on earth has come to an end.  It is said that when one dies, the Black Horseman appears and takes that person away on his steed.

Eurayle (yoor-AY-lee)
Area of Control: The world below, caverns and caves.  Prophecy and omens.
Alignment: Chaotic
Personification:  A beautiful maiden with milky skin, dressed in diaphanous robes. Nearly perfect immortal beauty... except for the crown of serpents which makes up her hair.
Symbol(s):  Serpent coiled about a sword
Worshipped By:  None, but revered by most mortals for her gifts.  Served by a secretive coven of human and elven priestesses known as the Sybilliate.
Holy Days:  None.
Notes:  As mysterious as she is beautiful, some say that Euryale is actually a "lost daughter" of Scáth who somehow did not share her parent's hatred of the land-dwellers.  Others simply believe that she is a primordial creature, the spirit of fate and wildness.  Regardless of her origin, she is undoubtedly the most noted oracle in the land--though only the bravest, most worthy mortals can even find her, let alone gain her counsel.

Khloantya (clo-ANT-ya)
Area of Control:  magic, the moon, hidden knowledge
Alignment: Neutral
Personification: a wizened crone whose very feet are tree roots.  May also appear as a beautiful seductress who turns into a skeletal figure at the first physical touch.
Symbol(s): Ravens.  Crescent moon.
Worshipped By:  Witches, wizards, and some healers
Holy Days:  The full mooon.  The autumn equinox.
Notes: Also known as "Mother Khloya."  Is said to live in a hut perched high in the greatest oak.  Is served by a small group of beautiful handmaidens dressed in red.  Informed by the ravens of the woods and allied to the Red Horseman and the Black Horseman.

Moranya (mor-AHN-ya)
Area of Control: The forest, wild animals, healing, marriage and love, change of seasons
Alignment: Lawful
Personification:  A beautiful woman with long, silver hair.  She appears both young and old at the same time.
Symbol(s):  Silver bow, oak branch, mistletoe
Worshipped By:  Healers, women, lovers, elves
Holy Days:  Any equinox or solstice, wedding days
Notes:  The wife of Pereun, Moranya is the guardian of the seasons and forest.  She is the mother of the elves and the patron of lovers.  As wise as her husband but more approachable, she is often the recipient of prayers by mortals in need.  Moranya rarely appears to mortals but may send emissaries in the form of wild animals.

Nodens (NO-denz)
Area of Control: The sea, rain and wind, fish and serpents
Alignment: Neutral
Personification:  A hoary old man dressed in nets and robes. His skin is blue-green and his eyes deep black.  Speaks in a rumbling voice which, it is said, can crack stones and tumble mountains.
Symbol(s): a blue wave, fishing net, whale
Worshipped By: seafarers and fishermen, most mortals who live by the sea.
Holy Days:  No specific holy days.  Venerated at every meal and before and after sea voyages.
Notes:  Guardian of the Deep, it is said that Nodens lived below the sea even before Pereun cast the great mountain into it to form Evenoria and that it is only by Nodens' grace that the Great Isle is allowed to remain.  Nodens is as unknowable as he is powerful and seems to care for the fish and creatures of the deep more than he does for mortals.  Still, he has been known to aid becalmed sailors and starving fisherman.  Some even speak of him rescuing heroes from the servants of Scáth.

Pereun (PEHR-ee-uhn), The Kingfather
Area of Control:  King of the Immortals, war, thunder, lightning, the hunt.
Alignment: Lawful
Personification: A fierce but wise warrior with long white beard.
Symbol(s):  Eagle; wolf; an interlocked hammer, axe, and arrow
Worshipped By: Hunters, warriors, and revered by most mortals.  Chief god of both men and dwarves.
Holy Days: Summer solstice.
Notes:  Pereun is said to have used his great axe to carve the Isle of Evenoria from an even greater mountain.  He is the chieftain of the gods and his word unquestionable.  The Kingfather never appears in person but sometimes sends emissaries in the form of giant eagles or silver wolves.  It is said that he traverses the sky in a silver chariot pulled by twenty white stags larger than any horse.  Pereun is the older twin of Khloantya, and some say that she resents his rule as eldest, while he dislikes his sister's perennial secrecy and plotting.

The Red Horseman
Area of Control:  Sunrise, sunset, and battle
Alignment: Neutral
Personification:  A knight in crimson armor with a flaming sword.  He rides a red horse that breathes flame and smoke.
Symbol(s):  A many-rayed sun with a sword superimposed on its center.
Worshipped By:  No dedicated worshippers, but often prayed to on the morning or eve of battle.
Holy Days:  None.
Notes:  The Red Horseman rides across the land at the speed of sunrise.  His appearance is an omen of war and bloodshed.  It is said that he is an ally of Mother Khloya, perhaps even her son.

Scáth (SKAH)
Area of Control: chaos, monsters, plagues, nightmares
Alignment: Chaotic
Personification: An inhuman beast as large as a mountain, dwelling in the darkness beneath the sea.  An amorphous combination of shark, octopus, eel, and giant.  Rage and hatred personified.
Symbol(s): A multi-headed hydra (rarely used)
Worshipped By:  Cultists and some monsters
Holy Days: New moon.
Notes:  The Father of All Monsters, Scáth is the personification of chaos and rage.  It waits in hiding for the gods to weaken so that it may consume the world.  Scáth never moves abroad, but works in secret through cultists and evildoers who seek power, contacting them through nightmares and spells of madness.  The worship of Scáth is strictly forbidden among dwarves, elves, and men.