Dyffryn Cyth - Dyffryn Cyth is a well-hidden village of wild elves in the forests west of Vatnheim. Its "buildings" seem to have been grown and cultivated from the very trees and stones of the woods. Outsiders are rarely welcome in the village, and the elves often employ subtle illusions and other magics to drive away would-be visitors. The ruler of the village is an ancient seeress and shaman called Meddygh. Estimated to be over a thousand years old, Meddygh possesses amazing healing and prophetic gifts as well as an unparalleled knowledge of herbalism.

Vatnheim - A small farming and fishing village on the western shores of Rothslake, Vatnheim was settled approximately 50 years ago by a mixture of both Northlanders and Midlanders. One of the chief persons responsible for the formation and prosperity of the town was the warrior Ulf Iversson, who now leads the village council.  Vatnheim is home to around a thousand people, most of them fishermen, farmers, and the cottage industrialists who serve them. 

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Wilderland Inn - A waypoint on the road from Middenwold to Hardinsford, this sprawling estate is run by Nasturtia Birdwhistle, an elderly but spry woman known for her cooking, honesty, and lack of compassion for fools.  The Inn (as most nearby call it) is a haven for travelers and adventurers of all kinds and one of the few human houses visited by elves on a regular basis.  The beer is hearty and the rooms clean and warm. Weapons are strictly forbidden and must be left with Dorin Nolty, the Inn's private constable.

Main Dining Area