Sunday, November 22, 2015

Local Cleric Rescued from Abandoned Temple

Symbol of  the Children of Kyuss cult:
a scull erupting with worms

The City Watch and clergy from the Temple of Moranya are considering a full investigation into possible cultist activity inside an abandoned Church of Pereun on the city's southeast side. This concern comes after one of the Temple's own, an experienced battle-priestess known as Amaya, had to be rescued by a group of adventurers Friday evening.

The cleric had been allowed to enter the normally-sealed ruins to search for signs of demonic activity on Wednesday but as of Friday had not returned or been heard from. Concerned, the High Priestess asked the cleric Xene to search for the missing Sister, accompanied by a group of itinerant "adventurers": An "expert locksmith" named Xanna, a magician known as Elazti, and the pair's bodyguard, a gruff she-elf who would only give her name as "Crowbar." (Sources at the temple later confirmed the elf's name to be Indis.)

While searching for the missing Amaya, Xene and her assistants reportedly encountered a number of strange things, including a vicious ghost who attempted to strangle them and a 12' tall monster made of charred bones. Amaya was finally located in a cavern beneath the church, where she was being held prisoner by an animal-like beast composed of swirling shadows. While unconscious and clearly exhausted, Amaya is expected to make a full recovery.

The southeast-side Temple of Pereun was abandoned by its order some 200 years ago when the current temple was built near the city center. It became a source of concern 120 years later when a death-cult calling themselves the Children of Kyuss illegally broke in, defaced the sacred building, and began practicing necromancy and demon-summoning. The cult was eventually driven away and/or destroyed in a combined raid by the Temples of Pereun and Moranya, supplemented by forces from the City Watch.