Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coming soon to a tabletop or G+ hangout near you.

Wanna play in my little sandbox world?  I designed Evenoria to be a place where characters could run free, devoid of railroading, sequential quests, and other DM-laid impediments to the marginally-organized chaos that made up some of the best gaming of my younger days.  Things will get nutty.  And messy.  And it will be good.

We'll use minimal rules like Labyrinth Lord (aka B/X or BECMI D&D) to keep things fast and flexible.  We'll focus on having adventures and kicking monster ass.  We'll go off the rails in fun and surprising directions.  We'll play f2f and/or via G+ hangout.  We'll be part of ConstantCon.

Grab your hooded lantern, 10' pole, and iron rations and let's hit the road.

Where do you want to start?