Saturday, December 12, 2015

You Gotta Serve Somebody (New B/X-Style Clerics for Evenoria)

After years of having them simply be window dressing, I've finally started putting some flesh on the bones of my setting's deities.

First task: creating clerics!  In the linked pdf, you'll find cleric options for 5 different deities.  Enjoy!

Quick disclaimer: the artwork in this file (and in the previous character class document) is not mine. Also, I neglected to collect the attribution info when I nabbed the images off Google. If you know who created each drawing (or if that's you), let me know and I will make sure to embed a link in the next version and/or remove the image if you don't want it used that way. That said, I'm not trying to make any money off of this or anything--it's simply material for my homebrew game that I'm willing to share with other hobbyists!


  1. These are great, Gabriel - I really like how you customised the plain vanilla cleric for your campaign, while keeping the B/X flavour.

    1. Thanks, Erin! Like anything, they're a work in progress. Once they've been playtested, I'm sure I'll have a few revisions to make. :)


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