Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wyverns & Waffles

Some folks think D&D needs things like hit location tables or first-level magic users who are tough enough to survive, say, a nasty sewing injury.  Pshaw.  You know what that venerable warhorse of role-playing really needs?  Waffles.  And syrup.

Inspired by Satine Phoenix's D&D Melt / Monthly D&D Pancake Breakfast, I have decided to try for a semi-regular get-together that I'm calling Wyverns & Waffles.  It's brunch.  For nerds.

We'll have waffles, (local, organic, free-range) eggs, and sausages.  And maybe a mimosa or two.  (See Harto's "perfect mimosa recipe" for details.)  And when the crockery is washed and the carb comas begin to set in, we'll explore Evenoria and fight monsters.

Cool, huh?

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