Monday, December 26, 2011

Houston, the Secret Santicore Has Landed!

Many thanks to Jez Gordon for the absolutely insane amount of work that he put in bringing this year's Secret Santicore to life.  I am stunned at the professionalism of the layout and the creativity behind everyone's entries.  The artwork is wicked awesome as well--the "floating isles" piece that accompanies my own entry ("Shards of the World"), especially.  Though maybe I'm biased... ;-)

I got some really cool artifacts for use in the Evenoria game (if it ever gets off the ground!) thanks to Valerio Di Camillis.  I almost didn't post them because I want to use them to surprise the players at some point, but they were too good not to share.

It's an amazing thing that we live in an age where forty-odd gamers spanning the globe and all kinds of backgrounds can all produce something like this without ever being in the same room.

The future is here and it's cool.

Waffle, anyone?

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