Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paper Heroes for One and All -or- How I Made Custom Minis for Next to Nothing

Thanks to the brilliant HeroMachine, I spent a little of my downtime tonight crafting customized paper minis for my players.  I started out trying HeroMachine v3, but it had way too many bells and whistles so I just retreated back to the more familiar v 2.5.

The cut-and-fold-able mini template is just a Word table set to the right dimensions.  Detail gets a little lost at that size, unless you have a better printer than my old, over-used Epson.

I already posted these to our group's private Facebook page and they got rave reviews.

Ambiorix the Fighter
(complete with a cursed shield he thinks is AWESOME)

Bob the Cleric

Elazti the Magic-User

Filibert Fairbarn the Halfling

Indis the Elf
(Complete with crowbar. Not pictured: grizzly bear bones sharpened into spikes.
She's pretty metal for an elf.)

Xanna the Thief and Rapida the Cheetah

Foldable minis!

Addendum: Xanna sans cat and with a
more tactical bendt.

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