Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picture Post II (in which I free-associate over coffee on a foggy morning)

The Responsible Wife is at work on an article this morning, so it's just me and the two birds surveying our foggy domain over coffee.  (Well, I'm having coffee.  Parakeets don't seem to care for that stuff; they're more into bourbon.)

Anyway... time for pictures and the thoughts they stir up.

The Winter Stag, embodiment and avatar of the spirit of
the cold, dark months.  Only when this beast is slain by a hunter is winter officially ended,
though He is reborn every year on Midsummer's Eve.

Givre ("zjiv"), The White Queen*.
An imposing figure, she stands nearly 7' tall and is rumored to have
Frost Giant blood in her veins.  This powerful sorceress has many
machinations at work in the world of men.

Florais ("flor-ay"), The Evergreen.
Sister of Givre, the White Queen.  Opposes her sibling's
 wicked schemes through her own formidable magicks.

Omen of the Crows.
The Learned know its meaning... do you?

Tessa the Red.
Alchemist and seer, she has advised kings and
emperors the world over, commanding a price
that only they could afford.  Rumors set her
age at well over 300 years.

A warning to the marauding wolf-men of the north...

Campfire embellishments that begin innocently enough
eventually lead to perilous quests and wasted lives... 

Falcon watches in vain for the return of her father. 

Ten thousand years later, the Sealing Stone is finally
pushed aside.... from within.  Who (or what) it held
has fallen out of all living memory.  But perhaps the Dead

Elven warriors are allowing themselves to be seen
watching the borders of Idyllann.  What can this outward
display of force mean?

* That's my friend Amy Jo! :-)

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