Thursday, April 26, 2012

1200 views for me, 100 albums for your game room

Just a quick note to say that we hit 1,200 pageviews this evening.  Thanks to everyone who's read, commented, played, and inspired this blog, fantasy world, and the game behind it.  I'm thoroughly enjoying keeping up on the project as I can, and I hope you are getting something out of it, too.

Speaking of large-ish numbers, io9 has a list of 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To.  Many of the albums listed would also be great atmospheric music for any gaming (or writing) session, as a lot of them are instrumental (don't know about you, but I find it harder to play when there are words (at least understandable ones) being sung).

I'm listening to Bo Hansson's jazzy/synthy Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings from 1970 as I type this.  The wolf howls in the distance of the "Fog on the Barrow Downs" section are an especially nice touch.

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